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what would i like to have been?
everything you hate
"don't go, susan. you mustn't go. you can't do this to me."
"i see. so it's you who this is being done to. it's not me at all. not how i feel. not what it means to me. i can't do this to you? oh, yes i can...."

what makes me sad is that more of you will know why i'm posting this rather than what movie it's from.
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borrowing an idea from hannah haha...i've never done this kind of post before.

say anything you want to me, anything it all. but here's the catch: it has to be anonymous. you can try and make it obvious if you'd like me to guess but it still has to be anonymous. readygo.
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ask me or tell me anything.
spam me with whatever.
ask me to make you retarded graphics.
recommend music, movies, anything.
i'm bored and i want something interesting to read and you're all awesome so i trust you can help me out. ;)
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updated 7/27/06:
please do not add my journal.

Current Mood: contemplative
Current Music: shivaree: idiot waltz

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